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We have expanded our business to include our new kitchen countertops department. With this new expansion we are improving our services and offering a "one stop shop".   From granite countertops to quartz countertops and all of the beautiful stones in-between we will make sure yours is cut with precision and the highest quality. Guaranteed.

Quartz Countertops

Second to only feldspar, there is no other mineral as abundant as quartz in the Earth’s continental crust. Quartz varies in colour from colourless all the way to black.  It has an extremely high melting point and almost the hardest material around next to sapphires, topaz and, of course, diamonds. These points are why quartz countertops are an amazing choice for your custom kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, island tops and so much more.

With the variety of colours quartz countertops come in, you will be sure to find a style and colour that will perfectly match the décor of your kitchen cabinets or cupboards.  If you decide to renovate with a kitchen cabinet refacing project while having a new quartz countertop installed, you will be sure to be more than satisfied with the outcome.

Having an extremely high melting point, quartz countertops are heat resistant allowing you to place hot cooking items on the surface, if needed.  Being one of nature’s hardest minerals, countertops made of quartz are scratch resistant, as well.  Adding to the benefits of installing quartz countertops as the beautiful finishing touches of your custom kitchen cabinetry is they are also non-porous make them bacteria and stain-resistant making them easy to clean.  Who doesn’t like easy to clean kitchen countertops?

Granite Countertops

When Central Ontario homeowners and builders have a number of choices when selecting what material they are going to use for their kitchen countertops, one of the most popular choice are granite countertops.

Like our other popular choice of quartz kitchen countertops, granite offer numerous benefits when chosen to use for your custom kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanity renovation.  Granite countertops are very close to being indestructible.  They are perfect for a kitchen countertop surface as they are heat-resistant, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant.  It’s such a scratch-resistant kitchen countertop, that you will be able to cut and chop your food directly on the surface.  Just a few words of warning, unless you want to continuously invest in new sets of cooking knives, we suggest that you continue to use a cutting board. 

While kitchen countertops, island tops and bathroom vanity tops made of granite can be more expensive initially, the long-term value makes it well worth it because of it’s beauty and durability that can last for generations with minimal repair needs and maintenance.  Ultimately, a choice in a beautiful granite countertop for your home renovation project, whether it be a kitchen remodelled or a washroom reno, will be a vital contributor to adding resale value to your home.

Granite Laminate Quartz

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  • I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for all your efforts last summer with both of my kitchen projects. As you know, I came to you after spending some time at Home Depot figuring out what I wanted. I thought they had given me pretty decent pricing already. After sitting together and reviewing my needs, you developed a proposal that worked better for me. Your pricing was great and your level of service was outstanding. During the install, we ran into a couple of hiccups due to some imperfections in the ceiling. Your team put on their problem solving hat and got it done! I could not have expected that kind of service from a supplier out of the city. Thanks again for doing a great job! Sincerely, Ed ...Ed, Minden Ont,
  • Recently, I commissioned Chaulk Woodworking for a custom kitchen for my design studio in Haliburton Village. The kitchen is unique and offers metal mesh inlaid uppers with specialized detail in the custom island. Through my project I dealt with Trevor (the owner), Ian (director of sales), Lyle (project manager), John (counter top specialist), and the installers Mark and Justin. Every single person on this team was professional, likable and it was clear that all of them take pride in delivering a quality customer service experience and an impeccable final product. As a designer, I had very specific criteria when choosing whom I would work with to showcase my work. Chaulk was the right company and they delivered the product I designed and wanted. I am so happy with my whole experience from the final product to every important business pieces that makes a relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend Chaulk Woodworking to my clients and friends....Andria Cowan Molyneaux, ACM Designs
  • We are extremely pleased with our new kitchen from Chaulk woodworking. We were particularly impressed with the attention to detail and the care that went into the installation. We were given a timeline at the time of the contract and all of the work was completed by the advertised time. Trevor and his staff went out of their way to minimize any disruption to our daily lives. we would heartily recommend Chaulk Woodworking to anyone considering renovations no matter how large or small....John & Lori