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The advantages of Quartz

First it was marble (as in vanities and countertops) and then granite was being touted as the next big thing by condo builders, who loved to put high end materials on kitchen and bathroom counters because it automatically upped the ‘luxe’ factor for buyers. But now there’s a new kid on the block: quartz. It may be the latecomer to home design, but it has developed quite a following. We’ve prepared a guide to the benefits and advantages of this material and how it will work in your home…so the next time you see quartz countertops advertised, you won’t have to wonder whether a quartz countertop is right for you!

What quartz is

Quartz is an attractive, durable choice for countertops because it’s engineered stone, so it can be made to look exactly as you want – just like real stone, but with more flexibility, and without some of the weaknesses of natural stone. Quartz is manufactured from real quartz crystals suspended in a matrix of resin, so you do get the beauty of natural stone with the versatility of a manufactured product. That means you can get it in any shape, size or colour imaginable, and can be molded to fit even the most unusual shaped backsplashes, counters or sink basins.

Quartz is also:

  • Visually appealing, with a rich, lustrous and consistent finished surface
  • Available in virtually any colour or pattern you can imagine
  • As durable as concrete or granite
  • Resistant to chipping and cracking; there are no naturally occurring cracks or fissures as with natural stone
  • More pleasing to the touch than some more brittle natural stones
  • Non-porous, which makes it more resistant to stains than other popular counter surfaces like granite, marble and concrete
  • Resistant to common kitchen stains like oil, wine, and coffee
  • Anti-microbial: It repels bacteria and viruses such as those caused by raw meats because the non-porous surface does not allow fluids to penetrate into the surface of the stone
  • Easy to clean, which makes it a good choice both for kitchens and baths
  • Contemporary in terms of aesthetic
  • GREENGUARD rated to meet strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors

What quartz is not

It’s important to remember that first and foremost, quartz is not considered natural stone (even though it is made with natural quartz crystal). At Chaulk, we believe engineering is an advantage, not a disadvantage, but some purists will reject quartz solely on the basis that it did not originate as a slab of quarried stone.

Another thing that quartz is not (necessarily), is cheap! Quartz countertops can be as expensive per square foot as other high end materials like granite or concrete. At Chaulk, we source quartz countertops from Caesarstone, a premier manufacturer whose quality is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Quartz is not as heat-resistant as some other countertop materials, so caution must be exercised when using hot pots and pans, or heat styling tools in the bathroom.

In summary, quartz is a great choice for countertops

If you would like a modern yet luxurious look for your countertops, and have budgeted for a more upscale option than laminate counters, quartz is a great choice because it’s extremely low maintenance and durable. You won’t have to replace this countertop for as long as you are in your home, and it will maintain its beautiful, consistent polish over the length of its life. If you are considering quartz countertops, call Chaulk for a free consultation and written estimate now