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Granite countertops

Granite has a beauty generally thought to be unsurpassed when it comes to natural stone options for kitchen countertops. In fact, granite countertops are the gold standard among builders, who love it for its incredible colours and elegant veining and natural stone patterning, not to mention its durability. Once only for the elite, granite countertops have come down in price in part due to their popularity with condominium owners. They are now an affordable option for many homeowners – but your admiring guests will never know it, based on the expensive, luxurious look of your shining granite countertops.

Benefits of installing a granite countertop in your kitchen

If you’ve ever had a laminate countertop – perhaps in your student dorm, or the apartment you rented before purchasing your home – chances are it was already marked up by someone who wasn’t careful with the knife or set hot pots down on it, and it showed. Perhaps your desire for an attractive, durable countertop or kitchen island top was sparked right then and there! Now that you’re all grown up, perhaps it’s time to consider ditching the old, worn surface that has seen countless knife marks, burn marks and stains, and choose a strikingly patterned surface that’s natural and easy to clean, and will last generations if properly cared for.

As if you really needed more reasons, here are some of the incredible benefits of choosing a granite countertop:

  • Vivid natural colour palette (there’s much more to granite than the more commonly seen pinks, white and gray tones) and attractive veining, specks and swirls of colour not found in other types of stone
  • Extremely hard surface
  • Resistant to heat, stains and scratches
  • Resistant to mold and mildew
  • Sealing the stone will protect the countertop for years and decades to come

If you wonder whether granite is really as hard as people say, consider that it has been used for sculptures, buildings and monuments since antiquity. In more modern times, granite has become the material of choice for headstones, grave markers and statuary, as it is so much more resistant to pollution and the elements than marble.

Granite countertops: the perfect complement to your Chaulk custom cabinetry

Since granite is not only for the very wealthy anymore, never has it been more affordable to replace your countertops with natural granite stone – and that’s true in the bath as well as the kitchen. Elegance and beauty is definitely within reach, no matter what shade, colour or style you prefer.

At Chaulk, we have been designing and building custom cabinetry sourced from high quality Canadian woods to add functional beauty to your home, cottage or office, for the past seven years. Our factory direct business model makes us a logical choice to source your granite countertops, because after we’ve completed and installed your gorgeous custom wood cabinetry, you can then match the colour, pattern and style of your countertop to the colour and style of your cabinets! You can even view cupboards, cabinet hardware and granite countertop samples at the same time in advance, to better plan your ideal kitchen.